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This class is my modest attempt to introduce Alexander Principles into yoga practice to make it more effective and safe. Being both a CanStat certified Alexander Technique Teacher and a certified yoga instructor for the last seven years I am happy to make both yoga poses and body postures an essential part of this deep exploration.

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Inner Dance, Small Dance – a term coined by modern American dancer Steve Paxton. There is this inner dance that we are making all the time in whatever we do – stand, sit or walk. It is an exquisitely subtle inner dance of continuously occurring shifts in balance. It is a constant process of adjustment and readjustment, loss and recovery of balance.

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This page is for people who, by their profession, tend to accumulate tension as they have to sit a lot in a chair, or stand in a fixed position. This could be IT professions, musicians or dentists. Or, say, manufacturing jobs that require repetitive movements. There are many aspects to this tension, why people accumulate it in the first place and in a what particular way. What the Alexander Technique specialist will do here is to analyze and help with each individual pattern.

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